Natural Steps to Conquering Premature Ejaculation

When it comes to sexual problems, premature ejaculation is one of the worst. The irony is that it’s not the worst because it’s the most serious or even the hardest to cure – it’s the worst because men are so uncomfortable talking about it that they often prolong the problem and can even make it worse. There are a number of reasons why a man might suffer with early ejaculation and quite often it can be fairly straightforward to treat as long as the patient is willing to put his embarrassment aside and address the problem head on.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

Conquering Premature EjaculationThe truth is that the causes of premature ejaculation can be pretty vague. Doctors blame everything from stress and depression to nutrition and activity levels. On the other end of the spectrum, premature ejaculation can be a symptom of a bigger problem, though for most men this isn’t the case. That is part of the challenge in treating men suffering with this problem. The cause can be just about anything! This also means that finding the right treatment can involve a lot of trial and error. There are some tried and true methods which have helped men for generations and continue to provide effective relief for millions of men all over the world.

Lose the Stress!

Hands down, stress is the leading cause of premature ejaculation. Stress can also be the hardest cause to treat effectively since it’s nearly impossible to live a stress free lifestyle. You may not be able to prevent stress from coming up in your life but taking active steps to blow off steam will reduce your stress levels overall. You can try tradition stress busters like yoga or meditation or go full throttle and blow off some steam at the gym, with a punching bag or by getting into your favorite video game for awhile. Whatever it takes get that stress out of your system.

Kegels – Not Just for the Ladies

If you’ve been around women long enough chances are you’ve heard of Kegel exercises. Every woman old enough to read Cosmo knows that practicing Kegel exercises helps with encouraging intense orgasms and other sexual benefits. But what you might not have known is that men have Kegel muscles too. To strengthen yours, take a tip from the girls and practice tightening them in repetitions of five. Tighten the muscle by stopping the flow of urine as you pee. Once you get the hang of it you can practice them anytime and anywhere. Strengthening these muscles will give you greater control over when you ejaculate and can help get your premature ejaculation problem under control.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It may sound counterintuitive but masturbating can actually help you get your orgasms under control. The trick is to masturbate slowly. Don’t rush through it and lose yourself. Instead take it slow and set a time limit like 15 minutes. Tease yourself and let yourself get almost to the point of no return but then ease off. Taking your time will help you get better control and will also let you become more aware of your own sexual rhythm.

Get to Know Your Own Body

Knowing your own sexual rhythm is more than just knowing how to make the best mix tape. Masters & Johnson outlined the time line of a sexual episode with four separate phases

  • Excitement
  • Plateau
  • Orgasm
  • Resolution

The object, of course, is to spend as much time as possible in the excitement and plateau phases in order to make the orgasm phase one to remember. Taking the time to masturbate more slowly or even engage in a slower pace when having sex with your partner will let you get to know the cues your body gives you as it passes through each phase. Knowing exactly how you feel as you build towards orgasms lets you get a better handle on controlling your reactions.

Get Healthy!

Health, fitness and nutrition all play a vital role in sexual health. Look at your diet, your activity level and the kinds of vitamins or supplements you currently take. If your life is full of TV and fast food, it’s no wonder you’re having problems between the sheets. Take the steps you can to eat healthier and give your body the fuel it needs to perform in peak condition. Advances in nutritional research has given us more supplements than ever before. Do your homework and find supplements that can help with curing premature ejaculation and incorporate them into your new healthy lifestyle.