Feeling Great? It Could Be a Warning Sign of Premature Ejaculation!

Sexual problems and happiness usually don’t go hand in hand, but they could be lurking around you even when you feel like everything is all right. Common problems like premature ejaculation and impotence can rear their ugly heads during just about any phase in our lives, be it happy, neutral or miserable.

Worrying About Success

When the subject of stress comes up, we usually think about the bad times, when something unpleasant is happening to us. In reality, stress is present during the good times as well, and sometimes the happiest moments put an enormous amount of stress on us. The best example of those expectations is the wedding night. The whole ceremony is geared towards the night. The newlyweds are expected to have the best night of their lives on their wedding night, with unlimited passion, trying out every sexual pose from the Kama Sutra. The anticipation and the stress puts an immense amount of pressure on the couple. Not just weddings, but virtually any big events can create stress. How severe that stress is fluctuates depending on a couple of factors like the size of the event, how well you can prepare for it, and your general feelings about the occasion.

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale is a good indicator for that. The scale scores events between 1 and 100, with tragic events being close to the latter. Surprisingly, even happy events score relatively high. Marriage has a score of 50, and other – usually positive – life changes such as moving or retiring also appear on the list quite high. Most events that people think of as positive cause some pressure and stress in most of us. Positive stress is different in some aspects but affects the body in a similar way as negative stress. Even an occasion like a wedding can do that, so why would sex be any different? Men who struggle with premature ejaculation usually experience these episodes even when they are otherwise happy, or excited.

New partnerA new partner can cause both. You are excited about discovering someone sexually for the first time, but that also puts pressure on you. You want to be at your best, really go after it. That inevitably causes stress, and when that happens, performance problems could be around the corner. The key to dealing with these issues is finding ways to distress. Ironically, sex can be one of these ways, but if you struggle with premature ejaculation, this is easier said than done. The reason why you are stressed is also the solution, and that is not an easy proposition. Other activities like yoga or taking on a sport can also be efficient. Physical activity, in general, is great, because it creates serotonin in the body, and it improves your stamina, two areas that are important for a quality sex life. Make sure to always find time for these activities, and you will start to see rapid improvement in your mental health. Stress management is about finding time for yourself, so you can improve your physical and mental state, even when a problem like premature ejaculation lingers on.

When you can improve these two aspects, you will see a clear improvement in the other areas as well. Men who have struggled with this problem understand that the triggers are often hard to identify, as they are not necessarily linked to negative events, and often just as likely to occur when something positive happens. Stress is stress, your body reacts in a very similar way so by making stress management as part of your daily routine, you can prevent your body from getting into stress mode all the time, and be able to relax both mentally and physically. Once you implement these habits, you can expect significant improvement in various aspects of your life, which can help you make problems like premature ejaculation completely disappear.