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DuraMale Review

Naturally increase libido

In addition to possibly providing relief from the issues related to premature ejaculation, Duramale also can maybe affect libido which could create stronger erections and if so, contributing to a healthier and more satisfying overall sex life, according to the manufacturer.

As with the other products reviewed, Duramale is comprised of only natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients

The product is taken in capsule form, and contains a unique combination of seven natural ingredients.

The primary ingredient used in the formulation of Duramale is Indian Gooseberry, which is an herb that is believed to be an aphrodisiac. Along with being useful to help you potentially last longer, it is also been said by the manufacturer to increase sperm count and semen quantity. This is similar, according to Wikipedia, to eating bananas or a diet rich in oysters.

Other ingredients found in Duramale include Elephant Creeper, Indian Ginseng, Pellitory, Nutmeg and Clove.

Duramale is designed to be taken once every day, and when a customer purchases the product, they are provided with a month-by-month chart to track changes in sexual performance should they wish to record their progress.

Our Study of DuraMale

As with the other products we review, we conducted our own comprehensive study of the results of Duramale.

After 1 Month
After 1 Month

Within one month, men who took Duramale every day as directed reported an average increase in time before orgasm of six minutes. After three months, ejaculation retention time increased to 13 minutes.

After 6 Months
After 6 Months

After six months of use, the participants of our study reported the ability to last for 16 additional minutes when engaging in sexual activity.

Conclusion of our DuraMale Review

While Duramale is can be an alternative product that may offer some benefits, it takes a much longer period of time for users to experience these benefits. This is a long-term product, with few short-term benefits seen for the majority of users. In fact, for many men who use Duramale, it can take as many as six months of daily use to see any benefits but if you do experience benefits, we believe you will be satisfied with these potential results.

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