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Performer5 Review

Organic Supplement

According to the manufacturer’s website, this product is designed to help men achieve more powerful orgasms with more semen volume and stronger erections. Those perks are what convinced us to write this Performer5 Review

Performer 5 is an ideal choice because, not only is the formula all-natural, but the supplement is entirely organic. The product features fresh ingredients. The ingredients used in this product are part of what sets it apart as a strong contender in aiding the prevention of premature ejaculation and unsatisfactory sexual performance.

The nutrients included in Performer 5 and stated directly from the manufacturer’s website are:

  • Zinc which may affect semen volume. Each dose of Performer 5 contains 150mg of Zinc. Zinc is also known to be vital in the production of testosterone in the male body according to Wikipedia;
  • L-Arginine is included in many supplements for premature ejaculations and other common sexual issues. It can provide stronger erections, but the body is naturally depleted of this amino acid through a number of factors, including age and diet;
  • Creatine monohydrate is commonly used by body builders and is a great way to reduce fatigue, meaning it may increas overall stamina.

Our Study of Performer5

Based on the results of our own study, we rated Performer 5 as our number three option for premature ejaculation. We gave Performer 5 an effectiveness rating of 39 out of 50. The men that participated in our carefully controlled study did report excellent results, and an overall increase in the amount of time they were able to engage in sexual activity before reaching orgasm. Study participants also reported better overall sexual experiences because of strong erections and more powerful orgasms.

After 1 Week
After 1 week

Men that participated in our study did report that it took at least a week to begin seeing results, so although it is a potent treatment overall, it does require some time to build in the system to achieve the maximum effectiveness.

Conclusion of our Performer5 Review

Performer 5 is a decent value, and can provide benefits for anyone experiencing a lacklustre sex life. In addition to being made of only organic ingredients, it is a way to increase overall sexual performance in many areas possibly including ejaculation time but significantly.

A Better Alternative

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