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Rizer XL Review

Increase sexual stamina

Rizer XL is a supplement that is designed to be taken once daily, in pill form. In addition to working to stop premature ejaculation, Rizer XL contains other sexual benefits such as harder erections and increased sexual stamina.

Rizer XL Ingredients

The all-natural ingredients included in RizerXL have unique and specific benefits that can help the user experience a more fulfilling sex life, and have a positive impact on self-confidence. Ingredients include and quoted directly from the manufacturer’s website:

  • Muara Puama which increases the sperm volume released during ejaculation;
  • L-Arginine which is an extract to increase the overall strength of an erection;
  • Tribulis Terrestris which increases the testosterone levels of the user;
  • Ginseng which is a naturally-derived ingredient to increase sexual stamina stamina;

Each capsule is weighs in at an impressive 1200mg, making it an exceptional option to lasting longer.

Prices for Rizer XL range from $49 to $299, not including the cost of shipping.

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Our Study of Rizer XL*

As with all reviews found on our site, we took the time to perform our own study of Rizer XL. The goal of our review process was to ensure that all information we provide is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

After 3 Days
After 3 days - 2 minutes increase

Our unique testing showed users who took Rizer XL for just three days had an increase in ejaculation time of 2 minutes from the start period.

After 2 Weeks
After 2 weeks - 8 minutes increase

During the second week, on average, users reported an increase of 8 minutes in sexual longevity.

After 3 Weeks
After 3 weeks - 12 minutes increase

After taking Rizer XL for three weeks, this number increased to 10 minutes. At four weeks of usage, on average users saw an increase of 12 minutes before orgasm occurred.

After 4 Weeks
After 4 weeks - 15-21 minutes increase

After a full month of research, we found that our users of Rizer XL experienced an increase in the time before ejaculation of 15-21 minutes

Conclusion of our Rizer XL Review

Rizer XL is one option for premature ejaculation. With its length of time on the market, as well as the well known all-natural ingredients, this is a great product for anyone seeking relief from the turmoil of premature ejaculation.

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