Sleep Deprivation and Premature Ejaculation: A Vicious Circle

The negative effects of premature ejaculation aren’t limited solely to your sex life – they can easily spill over into your life outside the sheets. Constantly thinking about how unsatisfied you are with the quality of your sexual endeavors will result in anxiety, stress, and worry. All these things can make you lose sleep at night and getting some sleep on a regular basis is essential to our bodies functioning properly.

Sleep Deprivation and Premature EjaculationBefore you know it, you’re stuck in a vicious circle. On the one hand, your problems with premature ejaculation have led to a chronic sleep deprivation. On the other hand, the lack of sleep that comes as a result of your frustrations in bed is rendering your body unable to produce the hormones you need in order to have more control of your sexual urges. Consequently, your stress levels rise even higher.

How Stress Affects Your Sleep

Our bodies rely on a number of naturally produced hormones and chemicals to help it function properly. When your hormone levels are in balance, your body is in perfect harmony. However, exposing yourself to anxiety and stress for extended periods of time will increase the amount of cortisol flowing through your nervous system. Cortisol is symbolically referred to as the “stress hormone.”

With increased production of the negative hormones, our bodies lose the ability to produce sufficient amounts of other hormones that have positive effects on us. One of them is serotonin, the so-called “happiness hormone,” which helps maintain the chemical balance in our autonomous nervous system. Uneven chemical levels within our brains are among the root causes of premature ejaculation.

Serotonin isn’t only necessary for our bodies to be able to delay orgasms and control our overall sexual behavior. This hormone also gives us the ability to sleep, which is why an insufficient level of serotonin will inevitably lead to loss of sleep. When we go to bed at night or spend time in a dark room, the pineal glands in our brains start turning the remainder of our daily serotonin supplies into another hormone called melatonin. This chemical is singlehandedly responsible for easing your body into sleep.

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Sex Life

New reserves of serotonin are produced daily in our gastrointestinal tracts. When we sleep, our body uses up all the remaining serotonin and turns it into melatonin, thus freeing up the body’s capacity to produce a brand new serotonin supply the next day. In addition to this one, there’s another hormone that’s crucial to our sexual wellbeing – testosterone.

Testosterone levels are renewed and replenished while our bodies are asleep. If you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, your body won’t be able to produce enough testosterone. It’s testosterone that allows us to hold back the release of semen. Insufficient supplies of this hormone will lead to a whole array of negative effects on our sexual health, premature ejaculation being among the most common ones.

There’s a little vicious circle here, too. According to a traditional Chinese belief, holding the semen in for longer periods of time will increase your testosterone levels. Of course, this is a very extreme and unnecessary thing to do, especially considering the fact that your body is merely saving its testosterone supplies and not producing any additional amounts of the hormone. Moreover, you need testosterone in order to be able to ejaculate in the first place, so moderation is the only way to go about this.

Getting Out of the Vicious Circle

Finding the root of the problem here can be tricky. Your sleep deprivation was caused by frequent exposure to stress, which was the direct effect of the problems you suffer from in your sex life. Sure, you can take sleep medication or use some of the many supplements available on the market that stabilize your hormone levels, but all of this just drawing the attention away from the actual issue you have.

In order to regain confidence, reduce anxiety, and boost your “happiness hormone” levels, you need to start treatments for premature ejaculation. You can opt for pills, creams, or different brain techniques, but the crucial thing is to commence looking for a solution to your problem. If you don’t know where to begin, consult a professional to devise a strategy that will help you get rid of this issue once and for all.