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PrematureX Review

100% Effective

What we like about PrematureX is with its proven 7 potent ingredients, it beings to work within the very first pill. It is so versatile; PrematureX can be taken as needed or daily depending on what you need.

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7 Powerful Ingredients

PrematureX is a unique combination of proven all-natural ingredients, each of which has distinctive properties that have been well documented in journals worldwide.

Value for your money

The product is shipped from the United States and is manufactured in a GMP certified facility. PrematureX tries to give the user maximum value by incorporating maximum returns. With a combination of 24/7 customer service either by phone or email you will always get the opportunity to speak with a representative to get all your questions answered on your terms.

Our Study of PrematureX

As with all of the options found on our website, PrematureX underwent a rigorous review process to gauge its effectiveness. To conduct our study, we enlisted 10 men, ranging from ages 18-52 to try PrematureX for a period of one month.

3 of 10 users
3 of 10 users - Increase in ejaculatory times

Three of the ten men who participated in our study reported an increase in three to eight minutes in ejaculatory times, compared to the time the first dose was taken.

5 of 10 users
5 of 10 users - Experience delay in ejaculation

Five of ten men experienced a delay in ejaculation time of nine to 14 minutes, within a period of five days.

7 of 10 users
7 of 10 users - Increase in time before ejaculation

Seven of ten men who participated in our independent study reported an increase in the time before ejaculation of 18-27 minutes, within a two week time period.

9 of 10 users
9 of 10 users - Increased sexual longevity

Nine of ten men included in the study reported anywhere from 20-60 minutes of increased sexual longevity.

Conclusion of our PrematureX Review

PrematureX will work for anyone who would like a natural alternative to delaying ejaculation. With 7 natural ingredients, crystal clear instructions, fantastic packaging; this product is sure to please any customer looking for a supplement that is made in the USA. Feel confident you can ship this to work, home, military addresses or P.O. boxes as it comes in discrete and anonymous packaging. Customer service is available Mon-Fri 9-5 eastern and order can be conveniently placed through their telephone support staff 24/7

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