Dealing With Orgasm Dysfunction

The orgasm is perhaps one of the most wonderful things about being a human being. Let’s face it, the fact that we say something is “better than sex” as a way to describe how good it is says a lot. So when something goes wrong with being able to have and enjoy an orgasm, it’s no wonder that people want to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

Types of Orgasm Dysfunction

Orgasm-DysfunctionProblems with having an orgasm are a part of sexual performance problems but they’re also a separate issue. Sexual performance problems include any part of sexuality including things like a lowered libido, difficulties in achieving an erection and problems with the actual physical performance. Orgasm disorders deal specifically with problems that occur immediately before, during or after a sexual climax. Orgasm disorders include:

Premature Ejaculation – Perhaps the single most common form of orgasm dysfunction for men. This is what happens when a man climaxes sooner than he and his partner would like. It’s thought that most – if not all – men experience this problem at least once in their lives.

Delayed Ejaculation – While most men think they would welcome a delayed orgasm, the fact is that this frustrating condition can often mean that men aren’t able to climax at all. The problem is sometimes associated with medications or other conditions such as depression.

Retrograde Ejaculation – This is the rarest form of orgasm dysfunction. Essentially, semen is sent back into the bladder instead of being expelled during an orgasm. The semen is later dispersed during urination.

No matter what type of dysfunction you’re faced with, it can be isolating, frightening and more than a little overwhelming. While most of these issues are widely known, they aren’t talked about as often or as openly as most men would like. As a result, even men dealing with a common problem like premature ejaculation often feel a though they have to face it alone.

The Reality of Orgasm Dysfunction

Today there are more options than ever before for men who are having a problem with having an orgasm. Doctors and other clinicians are now more well versed when it comes to sexual health so even mentioning the problem during a routine exam can have a big effect. But what about guys who don’t want to speak to their regular doctor?

There are hundreds of speciality clinics now open all across the country which deal solely with male sexual health. These male health clinics specialize in things like the Priapus Shot, testosterone hormone replacement therapy and other treatments which focus entirely on male sexual health. The atmosphere in these clinics is often much more causal, making the experience easier for men who find themselves hesitant to approach more traditional medical clinics.

Finally there are certain options men can try in the privacy of their own homes thanks to advancements in the understanding of nutrition and overall health. Supplements, special diets, exercise and help with stress and anxiety management have all been shown to be helpful for many men dealing with orgasm dysfunction. In some cases, men have even been able to completely resolve the problem without ever needing to seek out professional intervention.

Men struggling with premature ejaculation and other orgasm dysfunctions no longer need to feel as though they’re all alone. While the topic still isn’t exactly mainstream, it has come a long way in terms of getting more attention in the mainstream media. As a result, more and more men are realizing they can not only begin helping themselves but that finding professional help doesn’t always mean going the traditional route. With more options, flexibility and levels of control, an increasingly number of men are stepping out of the shadows and finally getting the help and support they need to reclaim their sex lives.