Judd Apatow Speaks Out About Early Ejaculation

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of early ejaculation is how isolating it can be for men. In spite of the fact that it’s generally recognized as the single most
common form of sexual dysfunction, men who deal with the issue regularly often feel as though they are all alone in their struggle.
Part of the reason for this isolation is that it simply isn’t something that is widely discussed. While other health and personal issues are common fodder for magazine articles, newspaper stories and even leads on news shows, not many people want to step forward to discuss their experience with early ejaculation.

But all that has changed recently thanks, in part, to widely publicized coverage of Judd Apatow’s stand-up comedy routine. While using premature ejaculation as a punch-line is nothing new, the Trainwreck director took a slightly different approach. First, he wasn’t making fun of men who struggle with the condition – he was aligning himself WITH THEM. This simple change in approach has resonated with men across the country.

New York comedy clubApatow’s set, which took place in November of 2015 in New York City, focused on a number of every day issues including parenthood, marriage and sex. He introduced the topic of sex with the kind of brutal honesty men have been looking for. “I’m terrible at sex,” Apatow told the crow, “Terrible at it. I’m always between impotence and premature ejaculation.”

This confession took some off guard but others were absolutely relieved to hear someone else – and someone in the public spotlight – talk about the issues they’ve been struggling with for years. As his set continued, Apatow didn’t shy away rom explaining exactly why he struggles with early ejaculation.

“When a guy has an orgasm, he’s both succeeding and failing at the same time,” Apatow told the crowd. This statement alone summed up how many men feel about their own problems with orgasms. He then went on to explain how he feels regarding the pressures of sex. “Because when men have sex, all they’re thinking the whole time is, I hope I don’t screw this up. They’re never fully relaxed. A guy only has two thoughts the whole time: Have to think I like it! and Oh, wait, I don’t like it! And then you toggle back and forth between the two: You’re like, Like it like it like it like it like it, like it less, like it less, like it less! Too much! Right there! Go! Go!”

Apatow comedyThis honest approach has made Apatow something of a hero for men struggling with sexual performance issues of all types. His routine has also highlighted the common problems and the reasons why – articulating issues men have felt for years but have been unable to put into words.

So what does this mean for men dealing with sexual performance issues on a regular basis? For one thing, it means they no longer have to feel as though they are the butt of jokes. Apatow’s set proves that men coping with the condition can laugh at themselves – and the situation – without humiliating themselves in the process.

For some men dealing with early ejaculation, it’s also given them the courage – and the words – they need to finally seek help. The fact of the matter is sex can be hard to discuss with a doctor but sets like Apatow’s gives men a template to use to explain exactly what goes through their own heads in those confusing and overwhelming moments during sex.

The first step to solving any problem is to start an open and honest dialogue about it. Judd Apatow’s recent stand-up routine has been just what the doctor ordered for many men. Hopefully, this heralds a new age for men who have been struggling to find a way to talk to their doctor or other healthcare professional and to finally start learning about how they can improve their sex life.