Timing Exercises: A Few Ideas To See How Long You Can Last

As we all know, premature ejaculation sucks, for both you and your lover. However, it feels good to orgasm, but wouldn’t it be nice to hold out a little longer so you can get her to maybe have multiple orgasms? Just how long would it take? Do you even know? Today we are going to talk about timing, down to the second, to really focus on what you are doing so you can stop early ejaculation.

Your Orgasm Time

How long can you last?On average how long does it take you to orgasm? You may not know off hand, so you will have to do some exercises and record your times. If your partner is comfortable, and you are too, with what you are doing, then explain what you want to find out. Tell her you will need to have sex everyday so you can complete a series of tests to improve your stamina and stop early ejaculation. Do your recordings for approximately two weeks, which should be enough time to establish a baseline average if you are having daily sex. If not, then record at least 10 times to get an average. Masturbation can be used in lieu of sex, and remember to be accurate in your recordings (down to the second if possible).

Her Orgasm Time

If you are going steady with a partner, then try to work with them to see how long it takes them to orgasm. This can either be done using oral sex, manual stimulation and fingering, masturbation, or normal sex. Again, use at least 10 recordings to get an idea of an average. If possible, note the technique used since that may have an impact as well. If you don’t have a girlfriend, you can do some market research online to find out average times or review some pornos to get average times.

Making Sense Of The Results

Essentially, the basic calculations that are most important is your average time to orgasm, and her average time to orgasm. The difference between the two is what you have to make up as part of your plan to stop early ejaculation. This could be anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes so be ready to step-up your times. Other things to consider are if her times fluctuated between the modes of stimulation, for example, did it take longer during intercourse as opposed to oral sex? Also, consider your times, did you increase or decrease your duration between day one and day fourteen? It is interesting to note that the exercise itself may work as a tool to curb early ejaculation. If you are game, you can give it a shot and see it it will work as a treatment to stop early ejaculation.

Playing The Time Game

Does being aware of your elapsed time (down to the second) have the potential to impact your lasting power? Now that you have your baseline times, start trying to beat your previous time by being conscious of the clock and its minutes and seconds. Are you able to go longer? If you have been taking the exercise seriously, you should be a lot more in tune with your sexuality and how long you last. Now that you are dialed in, it is time to step up your game.

Male Enhancements To Stop Early Ejaculation

There are a lot of products out there to help guys stop early ejaculation, and if you want to try them out, then you know what time you need to beat, and how long you need to last to get to the time it takes for her orgasm. Does it work? What types of changes do you notice? Does the method (masturbation, oral sex, intercourse) impact your times? Is this a sensitivity issue or a psychological issue? If you are really keen on understanding your sexuality then make sure to note what type of stimulation it was as well.

Making It A Longitudinal Study

A longitudinal study is a type of research study that maintains research over the course of years, sometimes decades, of the participants involved. Since you probably plan on having sex for quite a few more years and would like to know how you evolve in order to understand your growth and development, then why not make it a longitudinal study? Even if you are just jotting notes, when you finally reach your goal, you can see how you progressed, and how long it took to get there.