Even Super Heroes Can Jump the Gun: Premature Ejaculation Doesn’t Have a Type

Men can really mess with their own heads (and sex lives) by thinking that their struggles with premature ejaculation are somehow a punishment for something specific they are or did. SuperheroThis condition can affect anyone, any age or size, so stop thinking you might be a person who’s simply getting what he deserves.

We polled 50 sexually active men of various ages who are currently taking advantage of premature ejaculation treatment. We asked about their physiques, their mindsets, their health and their lifestyles. What were the common denominators among all of them? There was only one.

They’re all men who are taking their health and sex life enhancement very seriously. They’re all men who aren’t going to let this condition continue or keep bringing them down.

No Man is Immune, Every Man Wants to Last

We talked to married men and single men. We talked to gay men and straight men. We talked with men in their 20’s and men almost 60 and every age in-between. We talked to men of all sizes, as well as varying penis sizes, too.

It was obvious from the beginning (and through to the end) of our poll that the condition of premature ejaculation definitely does not have a specific type of male that it gravitates toward.

“I used to think that this kind of thing was an old man’s issue.” Todd, age 29, said. “Now I’m embarrassed by that prejudice and misinformation. I literally woke up one day unable to control my ejaculations anymore. Thanks to supplements and advice from my doctor, that’s all changing now but those were some dark, stressful months not knowing what happened or what to do to get my control and stamina back.”

Louis, age 48, thought he was going through a second adolescence. “It was literally like I was a pre-teen again, still figuring out how the equipment worked and not doing it well. I had some health issues after a major car accident and was also dealing with post-traumatic stress. I could barely make love to my wife for a few minutes before letting loose. She’s been so understanding through this, but I felt like I was completely letting her down after nearly 20 years of lighting her fire.”

Premature Ejaculation Cures Are On the Rise for All

It was obvious from our test group that even though these men were quite different from each other in many ways, premature ejaculation cures like natural supplements were fortunately one-size-fits-all.

Sidney, age 36, said “I’ve always had orgasms too quickly and never really thought it was an issue until I fell in love and wanted a woman to stay. In college, I’d just come quick and then be ready to go again and again. I didn’t care about the girls my age then who clearly weren’t getting much out of sex with me. That was then, this is now. Suddenly it really matters to please the woman in my arms and guess what? I can’t expect her to get there in a few minutes like I can. A guy friend I confided in recommended supplements that worked for him and they’re working for me now, too. I wish I had sought help for this back in college, I really do.”

Baxter, age 22, tackles the issue with a sense of humor. “Dude, I didn’t wait even a week to get help after finding out I was a leaky faucet whenever my girlfriend got naked. I take my pills like a good boy now and I’m not hearing any complaints from the audience, know what I mean?”

William, age 57, said “You always think your body is going to work like it did in your twenties forever, but that is so very far from the truth. Thank goodness for these herbal treatments making a huge difference in my stamina, in spite of the fact that I no longer eat as well or exercise as much as I used to. I’m divorced and dating again late in life. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let premature ejaculation cut my sexual years short.”

It’s clear that these men who cope with premature ejaculation come from different backgrounds and degrees of health and age, but they all are benefiting from seeking similar treatments. That’s good news for even the super heroes among us who could use some extra staying power.