The Role Technology Plays in Premature Ejaculation

We’re a culture that relies on a variety of technological devices for everything from waking up on time to preparing dinner and watching a movie in the evening. Technology also plays a role in our sex lives – and not just because many of us now watch adult entertainment on tablets, smartphone and streaming online. The truth is that how and when you use technology can seriously impact how you perform, how you see your partner and even how you see yourself.

Winding Down by Tuning In

These days, most of us unwind by turning to technology to kind of take over. Want to chill out at the end of the day? Check and see what’s happening on social media via your smartphone. Ready to just chill out on the couch? Call up a move on your streaming service. While these modern conveniences can be a blessing, they also exact a toll on your health.

Researchers have established that reading from a screen before bed can make it harder for people to fall asleep as well as affecting how tired they feel the following day. The light from smartphone, tablet and even television screen knocks our body out of whack, suppressing melatonin levels and throwing off our natural cycle of rest. But recent research has found the problem may go even deeper.

Technology, Relationships and Sex

TechnologyThere have been many studies and articles written on how technology impacts friendships and family interactions, but researchers are also advising about the problems it can cause with romantic relationships as well. In some cases, it’s a carry-over of the same issues that impact other relationships such as feeling isolated or out of the loop on the thoughts and activities of your partner.

Men who check in on their partner’s social media may find out things they simply didn’t know before – from where she went to lunch to how crappy she felt in the morning. While many people would see it as nothing more than the trivial details which often get glossed over, for a man with a relationship already under stress due to premature ejaculation or other sexual performance problems, these seemingly trivial details become much more important.

This can lead to men feeling isolated from their partner and even suspicious of “what else she’s hiding” when, in fact, the division between the couple stems directly from the problems they’re having between the sheets. This, in turn, snowballs into added stress and anxiety, two major contributing factors for premature ejaculation. It can also add to the general stress in a relationship and make connecting personally that much more difficult.

So what’s the solution to all this? Turning off the screens and getting back in touch with each other one on one. Psychologists, psychiatrists and relationship experts all agree that when you’re dealing with a difficult issue, talking person-to-person is the best approach. Obviously, with an issue such as premature ejaculation, this can be difficult at first, which is why so many couples either ignore it completely or try to talk about it over email or Instant Messaging. While initially this seems like a good way to handle an awkward situation, it strips away the emotional connection tackling the issue can bring to a couple.

Meeting the challenges presented by sexual performance problems like premature ejaculation is never easy, but they are made more difficult when we rely on technology too much. Instead, turn away from the screens and to each other in order to connect in a meaningful way and strengthen the bond you feel as a team – that way you’ll know you’re in this fight together and that each of you supports the other and your relationship as a whole.