The Far Reaching Effects of Premature Ejaculation

By now, pretty much everyone known that premature ejaculation is the most common sexual performance problem in the world. Almost every man on the planet will experience it at one time or another and each of those men knows exactly how difficult it can be to treat. Woman GossipBut while most people think of it as strictly a problem in the bedroom, the truth is that the effects of this condition can impact every aspect of a man’s life.

Beyond Sex – Why What Happens in Bed Doesn’t Stay in Bed

Human sexuality is a complex issue. Why we’re attracted to people and how they make us feel is one of those things science tries to understand, but every study seems to result in creating more questions for every answer it provides. But human experience tells us, without a doubt, that sex affects our mood. We’ve all been there – that spring in your step the morning after a fun night between the sheets or, by contrast, the pall of gloom that can come as a result of going too long without sexual contact.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that premature ejaculation can begin to affect how a man feels even after the very first time it happens. Once is bad enough, but when it becomes a chronic issue, it can start to cause some serious damage. First it wears away a man’s self-esteem, making him feel like “less than a man” which can impact the way he interacts with everyone from his wife or girlfriend to his friends, family and work colleagues.

The stress this condition causes becomes a mental distraction for men as they try to work out what could be causing it and how they’re going to break the cycle. Being preoccupied with thoughts of potential causes often leads to feelings akin to hypochondria which can, ironically, make a person actually feel physically ill. So, essentially, a man who simply has a case of early ejaculation can worry himself into a more serious condition like high blood pressure over it!

Discussing a problem like premature ejaculation isn’t exactly something most people do out in the open. In fact, men dealing with the issue often don’t seek out professional help for weeks or even moths, giving the condition plenty of time to settle in and wreak havoc. Since men are anxious about discussing it, they withdraw from their wife or girlfriend which sets off a chain of reaction that can lead to serious relationship problems. Withdrawing from physical, emotional and even verbal contact leaves women feeling as though something serious is wrong, and they will rarely think of sexual performance as the problem at first. Instead, they’ll sit and stew and come up with a hundred other reasons their husband or boyfriend is so withdrawn and, before you know it, you have two people who are absolutely miserable but can’t – or won’t – reach out to their partner to help resolve it.

Add it all up and you’ve got a guy who can’t focus at work and who isn’t happy at home – it’s a recipe for disaster no matter how you cut it. The solution, of course, is simple though not necessarily easy – reach out and ask for help. Sitting down to speak to your partner or a medical professional can be terrifying, embarrassing and painfully awkward. But when compared to the alternative – a life of misery – it’s a pretty small price to pay.  More importantly, the conversation won’t go as badly as you think. Many men feel more comfortable speaking to a doctor first and then bringing their partner in for a joint consultation or going home armed with information to help make the talk easier. Quite often, men are shocked at how supporting their partner is once she understands the issue and opening that line of communication is the first step in crafting an effective treatment plan for premature ejaculation.