Lasting Longer, Performing Better – The Balancing Act of Premature Ejaculation Treatment

A recent study from the University of Zurich has cast a new light on the true effects of early ejaculation … for women. The study set out to learn about the long term effects of the condition and how it affected the partners of men who were actively trying to find ways to last longer in bed. This included men who used a variety of treatment options, from topical ointment and special devices to pharmaceutical treatments in their pursuit to treat the condition effectively. What they learned during their research has come as a shock to many men as well as providing professionals a new viewpoint of treatment methods.

The Effects of Premature Ejaculation Treatments

Much of the literature available on treatment options for early ejaculation focus on the man’s experience. But few stress the importance of tackling the issue along with their wife or girlfriend as a way to deal with the condition – and the issues it raises – as a team. That approach is beginning to change and this most recent study is just the latest example of how big the impact can be for the women who love men with early ejaculation.

As a part of the study, researchers spoke with more than 1,500 women from a number of countries about their experiences while their sex partner has tried different ways to last longer in bed. Overwhelmingly, women reported that their partner’s single minded focus on lasting longer actually diminished their lovemaking ability. In fact, women were less bothered about how quickly their partner achieved orgasm than they were with him being a clock-watcher when it came to sex.

Too Early, Too Late … Getting it Right

Of course, this study has left some men feeling as though they are in a lose-lose situation when it comes to improving sexual performance. If they do nothing, they can’t last long enough to please their partner, but when they try to treat the problem they end up coming off as being distracted during sex. The trick is to treat the problem without losing sight of what’s really important – the sexual satisfaction of both partners.

In most cases, premature ejaculation is linked to some underlying condition or issue. This could be anything from a poor diet or too much stress to relationship issues or even an underlying medical condition. What experts know for sure is that stress and anxiety can make the problem worse, so treatment options that offer immediate or near immediate relief can play a crucial role. Treatment options such as numbing agents, cock rings and pharmaceutical intervention take the guesswork – and concentration – out of the equation in terms of lasting longer. This allows men to stop worrying about lasting longer and simply enjoy the moment. But these treatment aren’t meant to be used indefinitely, which is where long-term options come in.

Dealing with the underlying issue takes time and energy, which is where many men find themselves becoming distracted. Stress relieving activities, therapy and changes in diet and exercise can all be effective in treating the condition effectively and for the long term. But a big part of effective long term treatment involves both partners. This helps to prevent early ejaculation from becoming an issue within the relationship and even helps to boost the success of treatments.

When men seek help for premature ejaculation, they do so because they want to satisfy their partner. But sometimes in their quest for a cure, they lose sight of what they are trying to achieve. By involving their partner in their treatment plan, men have a better chance of success in both the short and long term treatment of the condition while also making it easier for them to focus on what’s really important – the happiness of their partner.