Mental Health and its Affect on Early Ejaculation

A person’s health is not something that can be measured simply by appearances. As we all know, appearances can be deceiving. For example, a man who is slightly overweight could actually be physically healthier than a man who is very thin, it all depends upon what is going on inside the body. There are a number of people who appear to be physically fit or healthy, but actually have serious health, diet, and nutrition issues.Just as physical health cannot be measured by appearance, mental health cannot be judged based on a person’s physique. Something that is often forgotten is how important mental health and happiness is to overall physical health. Therefore, even men who appear physically fit and take care of themselves relatively well, can struggle with the mental and emotional issues of poor sexual health.

Mental Health

The Mind Controls the Body

How a man’s body reacts to sexual situations can have a lot to do with their mental and emotional state. Unfortunately, men are raised to not show or discuss their feelings, with the false thinking that showing emotions is not masculine. After generations of boys becoming men who cannot address their mental and emotional health, sexual dysfunction and early ejaculation have increased in frequency. Until we break the stigma that “boys don’t cry”, we will continue to see a plethora of men who are unable to deal with their emotions and daily mental health.

This is not to say that a man has to be severely depressed or have an extreme mental condition for early ejaculation to become a problem. Common issues such as stress and anxiety can play a very large role in sexual health. In many cases, a man who is somewhat overweight, but very happy will have no issues with early ejaculation, while a man who is very fit but has high anxiety will suffer from early ejaculation. Yet again, this proves that appearances can be deceiving.

When Social Anxiety Messes Up Your Bedroom Plans

For many years, the general public has confused shyness with actual social anxiety. Feelings of shyness are actually not connected to social anxiety on the whole. When a person is shy, they may not feel comfortable enough with their surroundings to open up and participate with their environment, but will eventually do so after they become more comfortable. Think of a child who doesn’t often participate in discussions with their class at the beginning of the year, but is actively participating with their peers by the end of the year.

Social anxiety, on the other hand, is a very severe mental and emotional condition. People who suffer from social anxiety can have extreme reactions to social situations, including panic attacks. For a vast majority of sufferers, the social situation that triggers the anxiety can be either large or small. It is understandable that some people may feel insecure around large crowds or strangers, yet social anxiety sufferers can feel just as overwhelmed in a one-on-one situation.

Imagine that you are the person suffering from social anxiety, now imagine being naked with a new sexual partner. Your feelings of insecurity and wanting to perform well are going to increase considerably in that situation. Unfortunately, the more that fear and anxiety increases, the more likely you will be to have a bout of early ejaculation.

The first step to dealing with social anxiety and its relation to early ejaculation is to acknowledge that you have a problem. Acknowledging the issue and seeking help for it does not make you weak or less of a man. In fact, most women would agree that a man who is willing to deal with his emotions in a healthy way is perceived as very masculine. By speaking to a professional about your social anxiety or stress issues, you will take the first and most important step towards ending your early ejaculation worries.