Know Your Trigger, Know Your Cure for Early Ejaculation

No man wants to deal with early ejaculation. A single episode of this troublesome condition can often trigger more like a domino effect of dysfunction. For guys who are vulnerable to chronic recurrences of premature ejaculation, any hint of the condition can be a huge red flag that makes them feel powerless.

But there’s hope! If a guy is able to sense an impending episode is coming on, there are ways he can nip it in the bud before it has time to strike. The key is identifying triggers well in advance in order to set up work-arounds to lessen their effects.

Finding Your Triggers

Early ejaculation can be triggered by about a gazillion different scenarios. Maybe the furniture you were putting together wound up being a pile of kindling in the back yard. Or perhaps the deadlines at work are shrinking while your waistline is expanding since you’re stuck behind a desk all day. It could even be lingering anger over that Facebook post your brother out up last week. Literally anything can throw a guy off his game from time to time.

But when it comes down to it, there are essentially three main triggers for premature ejaculation.

  • Anxiety / Stress
  • Lethargy of Feeling Down / Exhausted all the time
  • Seasonal or Chronic Depression

These are, of course, an incredibly simplified view of triggers for early ejaculation but they are root causes. Trouble at work or seething over a sibling’s behavior? That goes to stress. Too tired after work to hit the gym? Chalk that up to Lethargy and Chronic Exhaustion.

Sit down and consider your own triggers and then see which category they fit in. Once you know, you’ll be able to implement changes and take action as soon as a situation arises, instead of reacting to it after it has begun to affect your health.

Anxiety / Stress

StressTo beat the issues that cause anxiety and stress, you need to take a proactive approach. Physical exercise, meditation and engaging in hobbies are all more than just fun – they’re good for you mentally and physically. When your stress levels start to rise, get creative with your stress busting techniques. Check out the “rage rooms” that have sprung up in cities across the country. They are basically just small rooms stocked with TVs, computers and other electronics and breakable things. You get a sledgehammer, some protective goggles and 15 minutes alone to smash, crash and obliterate as much as you want. People who have used the rooms swear the process is downright cathartic.

Lethargy / Feeling Down

LethargyChronic fatigue and feeling lethargic aren’t always a sign of depression (though they can be). Sometimes they are the result of a person who isn’t fuelling their body in the best way. A person can be in good overall health even when they eat a lot of junk food and appear to be in shape. If you start to have sexual performance issues like early ejaculation when you feel you’re most tired and exhausted, take a step back and consider your diet. Commit to a few weeks of lean, plant-based meals while scaling back on any soda, alcohol or other sugary drinks. After a week you should start to feel the change if how you fuel your body was the underlying issue. You may even notice improvement with early ejaculation depending on how advanced it had become.

Seasonal or Chronic Depression

Depression is a serious condition which should never be addressed alone. Getting professional help doesn’t always have to mean intensive therapy or committing to medications. It simply has to involve having a conversation with your doctor about what you’re feeling and which natural methods you’ve chosen to use to try and address the issues. He or she may still recommend extra therapy or other treatments but ultimately, the choice will always be yours. You may even find options like online therapy which could make certain treatments more appealing.