Help Prevent Early Ejaculation With These 5 Simple Steps

Premature ejaculation is believed to be the single most common sexual performance problem in the world. Most experts agree that almost every man in the world will experience the Five simple stepsproblem at one time or another, and a large portion of men deal with it on a chronic scale. While it may not be possible to avoid early ejaculation completely – these five steps will help reduce your chances of developing a chronic condition and can help treat sudden onset cases as well.

  1. Eat Healthy

If you want your body to perform at its best, you need to give it the right fuel. Most people have a diet that consists primarily of processed foods at home and fast food options while on the go. These may make eating easier but these foods are filled with sugar, fat and salt – three of the worst things you can eat. Instead, swap out processed foods for fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and commit to a more plant-based diet overall. The initial transition can be difficult, but after a week you’ll notice a boost in energy, a higher sex drive and improved circulation – all of which help to prevent impotence, low libido and early ejaculation.

  1. Don’t Get Couch Locked

Food is only half the equation when it comes to keeping your body performing well. Exercise is an important part of any fitness regime and staying active during the day will also help your night-time activities. Instead of settling in on the couch to watch TV at the end of your day, invest in a stationary bike, rowing machine or other piece of fitness equipment you can use while catching up on your favourite shows. Better yet, turn off the TV and turn on some motivational music to keep up your rhythm. Workout out in the outdoors has additional benefits, including boosting your body’s production of Vitamin D and oxytocin, two natural chemicals that help beat depression and reduce both stress and anxiety.

  1. Find Some Zen

Speaking of anxiety, worries and concerns are often at the core of many sexual performance issues for men. Meditation is a simple way for people to calm down and take time to simply release their worries. Meditation can be done by anyone regardless of their physical fitness level or feelings about religion and spirituality. Although the practice is often associated with religion, many studies have found meditation can help to bring about physical changes within the body. New practitioners can simply focus on their breathing as they sit still or they can use guided meditation CDs or audio files in order to help them find their feet – and their Zen.

  1. Beat Anger … Literally

Reliving stress and anxiety is about more than just being still and relaxing, though. Using physical activity to blow off some steam can help cut stress and boost your metabolism. Hit the gym, use a punching bag or hop on your mountain bike and get that body moving. Intense exercise has the same health benefits as any other form of exercise and, as a bonus, challenging sports can cut your stress levels and boost circulation – two surefire ways to keep early ejaculation at bay.

  1. Get to Know Your Doctor

No matter how healthy you are, keeping in touch with your doctor and his or her medical team can ensure you stay that way. Annual check-ups for men include prostate exams, which many men find intimidating. But this simple 30 second exam can not only save your life, it can ensure your sexual performance stays where you want it to be. Regular check-ups will also help you stay on top of problems before they snowball into greater concerns. An acute episode of early ejaculation, for example, can be discussed with your doctor in order to pinpoint the cause and deal with it before it gets more serious.