Conquering the Fear of Premature Ejaculation

The only thing that could possibly be worse than premature ejaculation is the fear of it. Even if a doctor goes up to a sufferer and tells them that they are cured they are still going to be nervous. Despite the fact that they have a successful session of sex with their partners they are going to be thinking about it each time they enter the bedroom. Premature ejaculation treatments that do work aren’t necessarily the end of the process. Getting rid of the fear is a different situation entirely, and it requires the full cooperation of the individual and their partners to conquer it.

Why the Fear?

It might seem silly that somebody could be scared of premature ejaculation, especially when they know that it’s gone forever after using a premature ejaculation pill. Think of it like this. If something traumatic happened at the local park when the person was a child then they are going to stay away. In some cases, it might be done through conscious effort and in some cases it could be done sub-consciously. Taking them back to this area could make them feel uneasy or it could cause them to break down completely.

The same thing applies to premature ejaculation. Unless the person has experienced it before then they can never truly identify with the pain and humiliation that occurs when premature ejaculation strikes.

When premature ejaculation strikes a variety of the problems outlined below come out:

• A loss of masculine pride. Society has created the illusion that somebody is automatically less of a man if they prematurely ejaculate.
• Failing to pleasure a partner.
• The breaking up of a relationship, especially if it’s happened before.
• Avoiding future sexual encounters.

All of these things translate to a traumatic experience. Each time they come back to the bedroom those bad memories are going to be replayed constantly, which creates anxiety. Anxiety has been scientifically-proven to an increased risk of premature ejaculation. Once it happens again then the above problems could deepen before leading to a complete abstention from all sexual contact.

Help of a Partner

Conquering the Fear of Premature Ejaculation The best way to deal with an issue is to talk about it. There’s little point in keeping something like this secret. It’s going to look even worse if the problem returns. But if their partner knows that they have experienced premature ejaculation in the past then they won’t get angry if it happens again. On the contrary, the only thing that they will be interested in is helping them to deal with their issues. The idea that they are not going to be happy if they aren’t pleasured sexually is thrown out of the window, and that’s going to ease the pressure.

Another way of using a partner to eliminate the problem is to have them read the signs that ejaculation could be imminent. If it looks like it’s going to happen early then they need to slow the pace down. Intense actions should be stopped and softer motions should be performed. Perhaps they should use their fingers to allow exclusive pleasure for their partner instead? There are literally hundreds of different techniques that can be used. Be creative!


Ultimately, it’s down to the individual to solve their own problems. Nobody else can control what they are thinking or the way they think. It’s hoped, however, that after a few sessions of successful sex without premature ejaculation the negative thoughts associated with premature ejaculation will dissolve into nothing.

Some people do have serious problems that they can’t deal with, though. People that have these issues should seek out a professional counselor if they are having problems dealing with their experiences. Counselors are well-versed in dealing with these problems and will be able to successfully handle even the most traumatic of events.

Approaching help can be hard, so don’t be afraid to take along a partner to provide some moral support. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that there’s a problem. Penis enhancement might be needed, but the worst thing that can be done is that the problem is just ignored. Confronting these issues is the first step to a better future.