Changing Public Opinions About Premature Ejaculation

Sex is a taboo subject but, at the same time, it’s often used as a topic in comedy. Sitcoms and even commercials often poke fun at various sexual issues in order to get some laughs. Premature ejaculation is perhaps the most well known sexual condition that people use to poke fun or crack a joke. Although having a sense of humour about such things can be healthy, constant About Premature Ejaculationjokes can also make it difficult for some men to seek out the help they need.

Premature Ejaculation in Popular Culture

Reaching orgasm too quickly has been the butt of countless sitcom jokes as well as popular songs such as Missy Elliot’s ‘One Minute Man’. In terms of sexuality, premature ejaculation is perhaps the one which is most often discussed, though not in the way it should be. Although jokes are common, real discussion hasn’t always been as accessible. This cycle of using early ejaculation as something to laugh at actually feeds into the cycle which causes the problem or makes it worse.

A bit contributing factor to many sexual performance issues is stress. Stress can affect health in a number of ways, from problems with sexual performance to serious heart conditions. Given the serious nature of stress and the impact it can have on health, it’s no wonder that a public perception of early ejaculation as something to mock contributes directly to the condition in many men. For thousands of men, a constant stream of jokes, seemingly at their expense, makes it more difficult than ever to seek out the professional help they need to successfully treat premature ejaculation.

From Comedy Topic to Serious Condition

Thankfully, this trend is beginning to change. Just as society has come to embrace the more serious aspects of sexuality, they have also begun to recognize how over the top spoofing on certain conditions have created an environment which prevents people from seeking help. Male sexuality has finally come into its own and is now the focus of several research studies as well as an emerging new market for a wider range of male enhancement products. Learning the role nutrition and physical fitness can play in sexuality has paved the way for new treatments, better supplements and innovative approaches to treating these conditions.

Perhaps most importantly, this change in public perception has finally made it possible for men to come forward and seek out the help they need when it comes to a variety of sexual performance issues. A more open approach to sexuality has made the treatment of conditions such as premature ejaculation something couples can do together, instead of it being a condition which isolates them from one another. Condom manufacturers, for example, have begun selling condoms designed to help prolong sex by using lubricants which help to desensitize the penis, rings at the base of condoms to help retain erections and even bottles of lube which can be used by both partners in order to make sex even more enjoyable. These special bundles or specifically treated condoms have become popular in mainstream stores, featured on commercials and have made sexuality something to be openly discussed and celebrated.

Dealing with any sort of sexual performance problem can be difficult. Talking about your sex life or issues you may be dealing with can be difficult, particularly when you feel as though your specific problem is treated as little more than a joke by just about everyone. However, attitudes about sexuality and sexual health are beginning to change. Society now has a more open mind when it comes to the kinds of problems people may encounter which has led to more treatment options, a more accepting culture and, ultimately, an environment which encourages people to seek out the help they need. This can be done through traditional means, such as doctors and clinics, but also through new approaches in DIY self-care, including nutrition management and physical fitness. This more accepting attitude about sexuality promises to make the future brighter than ever for those who find themselves struggling with common problems such as premature ejaculation. These men, and their partners, can now find the help, support and advice they need to treat the problem directly and make their sex life even more fulfilling than before.