7 Things You Can Do NOW to Prevent Early Ejaculation

The worst part about dealing with early ejaculation is that an episode can come out of nowhere, seemingly triggered by just about anything. This makes it frustrating to deal with in general and, for Prevent premature ejaculationmen who have it on a chronic basis, it often means living as though you are walking on eggshells. Bad day at work? Your home team lost? Got stuck in traffic? A disappointing episode of The Walking Dead? Just about anything could set you off.

Living in fear is no kind of life at all, so it’s time to take back control and live with confidence. Think that’s easier said than done? Well, perhaps you’re right – but it isn’t impossible either. We’ve scoured the net and found seven of the best ways to both treat and prevent early ejaculation. These are the seven things men are doing all over the world to not only stop premature ejaculation in its tracks, but get it packed up and moved out for good.

1. Commit to Clean Food
Forget the diets you stick with for a few days or a couple of weeks – commit to eating clean, whole foods once and for all. Whether or not you want to lose weight, stuffing your face with greasy burgers and fries covered in salt is bad for your sex life and you know it. Foods loaded with grease, salt, sugar and fats clog your arteries, affect your breathing and sap your energy. Know what all that is? It’s the perfect formula if you want to have zero sex drive, no stamina and all sorts of problems achieving or maintaining an erection. Clean up what you’re eating once and for all by putting fast food and processed treats where they belong – in the seldom if ever category. Go cold turkey for a few weeks and before you know it, the thought of a deep friend Twinkie will turn your stomach.

2. Kill Your TV
Not really. But stop being chained to the couch and tuned into the glowing box every night. Skip the couch potato part of your day and get outside instead. Tackle some yard work, start a garden, throw a Frisbee with your dog, take a walk around the neighbourhood or just head out to a local park or hiking trail. When the weather is nasty hit up a local gym or YMCA, check out what’s on offer at the mall, put together a jigsaw puzzle, jump into a book or revisit a favourite comic series. Literally do ANYTHING except sitting still and zoning out on TV – your brain and your body will thank you for it.

3. Find Your Zen
Stress is a common trigger for early ejaculation and the best way to beat stress is to avoid it to begin with. Meditation is the most commonly cited way to bust down your stress levels, but it isn’t your only option. Doing anything that relaxes you and helps you clear your mind will work. For some people that may mean a long walk in the woods, escaping to their Man Cave, woodworking, sculpting, car repair or just about anything else. Find your passion and let yourself get lost for a while. Letting yourself enjoy hobbies and have fun is a great way to recharge your brain, calm your nerves and give you a sense of inner peace.

4. Kick Some Ass
Finding inner peace is a great start, but it is also a good idea to get active when it comes to busting stress and anxiety. Both of these issues can result in nervous or tense energy that should never be bottled up. Let it out safely by getting into some physical work. Chop some wood, hit a punching bag, go for a run, lift some weights or do anything else that gets your body moving, your muscles straining and a bit of sweat on your brow. Working up a sweat will not only help you get rid of any built-up energy due to stress or anxiety, it will also support better sexual health. Hardcore cardio workouts boost your cardiovascular system which is one of the cornerstones to an active, healthy and long lasting sex life.

5. Find Your Voice
Sometimes stress or anxiety comes about because we don’t always say what we want or stand up for ourselves even when we know we should. Learn how to deal with confrontation and difficult conversations in all your relationships. Professionally, a more proactive approach can be helpful when asking for a raise, looking for a new job or even starting your own venture. On a personal level, clearing the air with friends and family leaves room for healthier, more open relationships to bloom. Either way, it means less stress and headaches for men who find that problems at work and home often lead to episodes of early ejaculation.

6. Get Your Freak On
Do you have a kink or fetish that you haven’t been sharing with your partner or indulging in for some reason? Maybe you think it’s just “too weird” or you’ve been lead to believe there’s something wrong for you for being into it. Let’s get one thing straight right now – as long as whatever you’re into involves consenting adults and everyone is on the same page then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Whether you get your rocks off being spanked, tickling up a bound partner, throwing pies at each other or doing it doggy style while wearing horse masks – just dive in already. Open up to your partner and encourage them to do the same. Hiding sexual preferences makes sex feel dirty and full of secrets and shame. That isn’t what sex should be about so open up and have so fun.

7. Love Yourself
One of the most fun ways to build up stamina and treat early ejaculation is through sex therapy. Masturbate slowly, building toward an orgasm as slowly as you can. This will help you find rhythms, angles and tricks to take the edge off when you feel yourself approaching an orgasm. For men with advanced cases of early ejaculation, this can actually be a frustrating exercise at first since the orgasm seems to come full force and out of nowhere. but stick with it – over time you will tune into the cues your body gives and you’ll be able to respond to them more effectively.