What Women Think of Premature Ejaculation: Answered

Men with premature ejaculation have a serious problem, there’s no denying that. Whilst people are often talking of the doom and gloom of having such a problem, some do thrive. Some men don’t develop What Women Think of Premature Ejaculationthe condition until later in life. What they sometimes don’t realise is developing the condition at any age can destroy relationships. Here’s what women think about premature ejaculation.

It Happens Too Often

Most women have no problem with men who occasionally suffer from a loss of ejaculation control. In fact, it afflicts 90% of men during their lifetimes. But where it becomes a problem is when the condition is diagnosed. An occasional loss of control is not enough to warrant a trip to the doctor’s. Sexual intercourse lasts for an average of five and a half minutes, when it comes to vaginal penetration. The condition is diagnosed when the man ejaculates within two minutes of penetration more than 50% of the time.

This isn’t enough time to satisfy a woman. How can anything possibly happen if it ends in just two minutes? Everybody knows it takes more to cause a woman to orgasm than it does a man, but little pleasure is going to be gained from ejaculating this quickly this often. And this can quickly put a strain on the relationship and future sexual encounters.

I’m not Gaining Any Pleasure

This is the most common complaint from women. There’s nothing like having an orgasm over a loved one, but if it has to be done through devices like vibrators it’s just not the same. The question a lot of women start to ask themselves is whether there’s a point to having a man if the same product can be gained from a mechanical device.

Premature ejaculation can rarely allow any pleasure to be gained. The vagina has to be moist before having a chance at causing an orgasm. Even if it’s moist the necessary spots still have to be touched in order to get that pleasure. Look at it like this. Love is expressed primarily through sex. If somebody can’t have satisfying sex love and passion isn’t being expressed. Why would a woman want to continue in a relationship like this where there isn’t a spark any more?

He Won’t Admit that he has a Problem

Men are notorious for not being able to admit when they have a sexual problem. Understandably, they don’t want to admit they have a problem. Nobody wants to admit they are lacking in such a big area, but the most annoying thing is when they won’t admit what’s in front of their eyes. Women hate it when they point something like this out and they purposely sidestep the issue. Not only does it leave the problem unsolved, it’s blatantly disregarding their advice.

Take note, these things aren’t brought up for the purposes of causing any embarrassment or humiliation. It comes from a desire to seek some form of penis enhancement treatment. It’s to help the relationship, not to destroy it. Ignoring the problem is a pet peeve of women everywhere and can actually be accelerating the break-down of the relationship.

We Can’t Seek Help

Leading on from denial, women think premature ejaculation is a problem. At the same time, they want to find help for their man. They are not there purely for the purposes of sex. True love will transcend any sexual performance, but the desire to seek self-improvement is a mark of a committed in individual.

Men shouldn’t damage themselves by avoiding help. Seeking help by finding premature ejaculation pills is the way to go. And don’t be afraid to go to the doctors. Often, premature ejaculation is something which is very simple to solve. Only in a few rare cases is it caused by a genuine genetic condition. The most common causes of the condition are down to stress, anxiety, or psychological problems developed by previous sexual encounters. Make an appointment with a doctor and help both people by admitting what’s wrong and finding help.