What Premature Ejaculation Pill is Right for you?

Premature ejaculation is something that thousands of men face on a daily basis, and the reason for it could be anything from the way a person eats, or from stress about performing correctly in the bedroom. This all ties in together by causing you to experience early ejaculation, which could be prior to sexual intercourse.

1Premature ejaculation also often happens within the first seconds or minutes after penetration has begun. This would cause any man to feel down about his performance, and your partner is not going to be very happy about it either. That is why there is hope created in the form of a pill, and supplements such as PrematureX, RizerXL, and Performer5, which are leading brands to consider for your premature ejaculation needs.

But what brand is right for you? Some people believe effectiveness with good customer service make the top brand take its place, while others focus only on which premature ejaculation pill works the best. You can have your own perspective on what the right premature ejaculation supplement is, but you for sure need to consider safety into the equation. After all, that is the reason why you do not just go to a doctor for help!

Pharmaceutical grade drugs prescribed by doctors do have effectiveness with premature ejaculation, but then their side effects are a lot more serious than the ones that have natural ingredients. The reason why is because they use a lot of drugs and chemicals to create their premature ejaculation supplements, while brands such as RizerXL focus only on using 16 natural ingredients. You know this because the enforcement agencies do not have to require you as a consumer to have a prescription, but pharmaceuticals do because there are possible life threatening consequences from taking prescription based early ejaculation pills.

Performer5 took third place in the top list for early ejaculation supplements. This products’ early ejaculation effectiveness was 39/50, which is not too bad compared to other lower quality products. Customer service was decent, but the price was pretty high when compared to more effective brands. They received a score of 82% overall, but RizerXL and PrematureX received better scores when it came to using the products for premature ejaculation.

RizerXL took the second place spot for overall best premature ejaculation supplement. Their effectiveness for preventing early ejaculation was 44/50, which is significantly different from Performer5. They had the highest customer rating score, and its overall effectiveness was rated a 93%! A major difference from Performer5, plus it is actually cheaper as well. That is not all though because there is still the number one premature ejaculation product available without a prescription, and that product is PrematureX.

PrematureX received a 50/50 for the prevention of early ejaculation, and has the best price across the internet at only $16.00 a bottle! That is very cheap for a good product that is reliable, and the only thing that could be considered average for this male supplement is that they received an 8/10 for customer service. Overall PrematureX received a 98% consumer rating! When people in the same situation as you are giving such good reviews on PrematureX that just lets you know you are dealing with a high quality product.

The only thing about PrematureX is that its main intention is just for premature ejaculation, but RizerXL is meant for receiving harder erections, intense orgasms, and of course preventing early ejaculation as well. That is why it is up to you in which product is going to be the best for you and your partner. For an all around package you would be better off with RizerXL, not only because it has plenty of benefits, but rather it has almost as good of a rating as PrematureX. The only difference being the price.

All of these products are effective and good enough for you to consider purchasing, but further research is going to make your choice a lot easier in the long run. In the end it is your decision and yours alone. Consumer ratings are there for your benefit to glance through and checkout. However, as mentioned not everyone is the same as you, and some ratings may be misplaced because of high expectancy levels.