The Stigma of Early Ejaculation – Why Men Are Reluctant to Seek Help

As a society we have become more and more comfortable discussing sex and sexual health over the past few years. Since the sexual revolution in the 1960s and 70s, people feel more comfortable than ever discussing their sex lives and their concerns but, still, some issues remain somewhat taboo. Among them is the issue of early ejaculation which remains the topic of jokes and is rarely taken seriously by the general public. Unfortunately, this attitude has made many men less likely to seek help when they experience the condition when, in reality, there are more treatment options than ever before which can help men tackle the problem once and for all.
Seek Help
The public attitudes about premature ejaculation have created a number of myths when it comes to the condition. These myths are often traded as facts and rarely questioned or investigated because of the embarrassment men fee about the condition. Here we’ve rounded up four of the most common myths in order to debunk them and help encourage men to get the help – and relief – they need.

People Will Laugh

This is perhaps the most common myth and one which is reinforced by the depiction of early ejaculation in music, movies and television shows. While much of this humour isn’t meant to shame men, constant jokes about the condition have a way of convincing even the most rational person that seeking help will result in overt or subtle ridicule. This is the most difficult myth to break through since the only way to dispel it is to go and see a doctor. The fact of the matter is premature ejaculation is common and doctors understand the frustration and embarrassment men feel about the condition and so they are especially sensitive to the issue when seeing patients.

It Will Go Away on Its Own

This myth is persistent because, frankly, there’s a bit of truth to it. There are times when men experience premature ejaculation, impotence or other performance problems once or twice and then the problem stops on seemingly on its own. But it’s not just a random occurrence. Typically, the problems happens because of an increase in stress or anxiety or as a result of a period of unhealthy eating or inactivity. These underlying causes may not be noticed initially and so men think premature ejaculation is just a random occurrence. If, however, it becomes a chronic issue, seeking professional advice can help bring it under control and prevent it from happening as often.

Treatments Don’t Work

Treating early ejaculation can be frustrating. There are so many treatment options available that it can take time to find the right approach, or combination of options, that will be effective for a person. This can make men frustrated and gives the impression that treatments aren’t necessarily effective. In truth, some treatments, such as therapy, can take a while to “kick in” so to speak. For men becoming impatient for results, try coupling long term therapies with short term solutions such as numbing creams, cock rings or pharmaceutical intervention. This can help keep you motivated to carry on with treatments addressing the underlying cause.

Why Bother? It Will Only Just Happen Again

When you’ve been coping with early ejaculation for a long time, you’re bound to feel like treatments are futile and it’s just an exercise of going round in circles. Chronic premature ejaculation is perhaps one of the most frustrating conditions for men but that doesn’t mean they are stuck in a lifelong cycle of treating the condition only to have it resurface again. When men experience the condition over and over it suggests an underlying cause which is not being addressed. Speak to your doctor or other healthcare professional in order to begin addressing potential causes so that you can bring the condition under control once and for all.