The Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction and Early Ejaculation

Sexual performance problems plague millions of men all over the world. Most men experience things like early ejaculation or erectile dysfunction from time to time and, for some, these problems become chronic concerns. In many cases, one problem can lead to the other and, together, they create a major issue for men. This can also make treatment more complicated leading to Early Ejaculationgreater frustration and stress, which then feeds right back into the cycle of sexual dysfunction.

One Problem Leads to More

Problems with sexual performance often begin as nothing more than a glitch. Male sexual in particular is susceptible to being affected by stress, diet, anxiety and host of other environmental and personal factors. Since there is such a wide variety of possible causes for these problems, treatments can also vary widely and it can take some time before men begin to notice effects. Even when short term treatment options are used, since it doesn’t treat the underlying cause, the problem remains even when the symptoms are resolved.

The most common example of this is the treatment approach for men dealing with premature or early ejaculation. Usually, men use short-term immediate treatments like numbing gels, cock rings, special condoms and even off-label drugs in order to last longer. While these measures can and do help boost a man’s stamina, they don’t address whatever it causing the problem in the first place. For than, patients need to examine their nutrition, physical fitness and mental or emotional health. Needless to say, addressing these issues takes a considerable amount of time and patience. As a result, many doctors instruct their patients to combine both short and long-term treatments in order to find a balance that allows them to maintain their current level of sexual activity while identifying and then treating the root cause of the problem.

Impotence and Premature Ejaculation – Which Causes Which?

Many men who report problems with erectile dysfunction, or impotence, also report problems with early ejaculation. Generally speaking, problems with ejaculating too soon is what leads to acute erectile dysfunction. This is a testament to just how stressful premature ejaculation can be. Not being able to last long enough to please your partner – or yourself – has a way of eating away at a man’s self-esteem in a way few other conditions can.

Masculinity is intertwined with sexuality and many men see their overall virility and sexual performance as a barometer of their manliness. How true this is remains a matter of debate for both clinicians and behaviourists, but it certainly remains true in pop culture. References to men who can’t perform crop up in pop-culture references like the song ‘One Minute Man’ by Missy Elliot and jokes in movies and on television. The message is clear: If you can’t perform, you’re not a real man.

So it’s no wonder that when a man experiences a problem with libido or stamina, it immediately begins to create stress and anxiety. As time goes on, stress begins to affect the body in a number of ways. The quality of sleep a man gets will become increasingly poor as he is unable to stop thinking about his problem and it creeps into his subconscious. Often stress causes people to withdraw at work and in their personal relationships, making them feel isolated and alone which, in turn, can cause an increase in depressive disorders. As these stress levels increase, not only will a man simply become less sexually aroused in general, he’ll find it increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain an erection.

Dealing with early ejaculation as soon as it happens is the best way to prevent it from snowballing into something more serious. Addressing the issue right away means coupling both short and long-term treatments so that men can still maintain their sex life. This helps to reduce their overall stress and gives them the time to sit down and identify the underlying cause.