Sexual Performance and Your Job – Beat the Stress and Burn Up the Sheets

When looking for ways to improve sexual performance, people rarely tend to think of their job. The stress, responsibilities and schedules of a demanding job can have a huge effect on the rest of a person’s life, however, and that includes how well they perform in the bedroom. Although some job related stress is normal, dealing with too much of it can begin to affect your Stresssexual performance as well as taking a toll on your health, resulting in conditions such as high blood pressure and premature ejaculation. We’ve rounded up five job related stress busters that can help you improve your sex life and, potentially, your career as well.

Create Boundaries – And Stick to Them!

The first step to dealing with job related stress is to set out certain ground rules by establishing realistic and clear cut boundaries. For example, setting limits on how available you will be when out of the office and how often you’re willing to work on extra projects from home should be identified first. For many people, hours and deadlines aren’t the problem – it’s their co-workers. If you find yourself constantly rushing to put out fires for others and scrambling to pull together last minute presentations, it’s time to re-evaluate your job description. Set a meeting with your manager to discuss what your responsibilities are. Set clear cut boundaries regarding your work load, hours or other demands and then stick to them.

Assert Yourself With Respect

Dealing with other people can be one of the biggest causes of work related stress. Setting boundaries on how much your job can encroach on personal time is easy in theory, but more difficult when faced with a co-worker or manager asking you to stay late and finish up a presentation on the same night you’ve promised your wife or girlfriend a much overdue Date Night. Working late and going above and beyond the call of duty can help you win promotions and catch the eye of upper management, but always being the Go-To-Guy in an emergency can make you look like a doormat if you never assert yourself. Deal with problematic colleagues diplomatically and stand up for yourself without saying anything or behaving in a way which could come back to haunt you. For seriously problematic workplace disputes, call in a mediator from Human Resources to help resolve the issue amicably.

Hit the Road During Your Lunch Break

Working in an office usually means being tied to a desk for hours at a time. Spending a day sitting down saps your energy levels and being inside all day can keep your body from producing enough Vitamin D, which can contribute to chronic depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s no wonder that men with office jobs are far more likely to experience problems such as premature ejaculation. Cut your risk substantially by getting outside during your lunch break. Even if you only have time to walk around the block or take a stroll around the parking lot, getting out in the fresh air and sunshine will boost your mood, energy levels and libido!

Take Back Your Time

Get organized and you’ll reduce your work related stress load in no time. Organize your day as much as possible in terms of handling certain tasks at scheduled intervals. Have a time set aside for dealing with routine paperwork, answering phone calls, dealing with problematic emails and working on longer term projects such as presentations or reporting. Organizing your time and energy will help make you more productive at work which can improve work performance while lessening the stress levels which may lead to sexual performance issues such as premature ejaculation.

Leave Work at the Office

Finally, when you walk out of the office at the end of the day, leave concerns about office politics, looming deadlines or other career concerns behind. Find ways to shake off the stress which also help to boost your health. Making plans to hit the gym, meet up with a friend for a walk or engaging in other group activities can help redirect your attention and get your energy levels up. Exercising in the evening can also help improve circulation, boost your metabolism and supports whole body health.