Premature Ejaculation — Is This a Problem from Too Much Pleasure?

Sounds ridiculous, right? As if there could be such as thing as too much pleasure, come on now. Yet when you take a second look at a man who struggles with premature ejaculation, some very interesting clues might surface about how much some pleasures might play a debilitating role in his life.

Believe it or not, sometimes there is such a thing as too much pleasure if the source is bad for your body or your emotional well-being.

What debilitating pleasures, you ask? See the list below of pleasures that just might be part of the bigger problem when premature ejaculation is one of the symptoms.

  1. Beer, Wine and CocktailsThe Pleasure of Beer, Wine and Cocktails – A small amount of alcohol consumption can actually possibly help a man manage his premature ejaculation tendencies at times, by relaxing his body and slowing him down. However, indulging in the pleasure of so much alcohol that he often gets sloppy drunk is a hindrance to his physical function in more ways than one. Sometimes college students who are suddenly partying all the time now that they’ve moved away from home can be shocked by unpredictable sexual dysfunction. Too much alcohol can make even the youngest, most energetic man experience early ejaculation from time to time.
  2. The Pleasure of Sugar, Wheat and Packaged Foods – Ah, yes. The pleasure of gluttony! As with alcohol, we all know that foods like sugars and glutens and manufactured food products are probably OK in our diets in small amounts. The bigger issue these days is that most of our convenient foods we’re all gobbling on the go are made of high percentages of exactly that stuff. Eating whole foods of fresh fruits and vegetables and grains and grass-fed meats – that all takes extra planning, preparation and many times extra funds to bring to our plates. So we devour the pleasures of delicious, numbing carbs and fake foods while packing on the pounds and feeling exhausted from a lack of nutrient dense calories. All those cookies and burgers can take a toll on man’s body and, yes, possibly on his sexual function. Especially if a man has become obese because of the pleasure of too many unhealthy foods, his premature ejaculation symptom could be caused by other frightening issues like heart disease or diabetes. See your doctor if you think obesity or diet could be a source of this or any other ailments.
  3. The Pleasure of Sports & Adventure – Do you love to enjoy some of the riskier sports and pastimes, like dirt bike racing, horseback riding, extreme boxing, etc.? Most of the time these usually sports-related hobbies include protective gear for a man’s groin or aren’t a cause for concern in general. Yet again, it’s worthwhile to ask – are you enjoying these pleasures so much that they are actually hurting you? A man who spends many hours a day bouncing over a rough racing course on a dirt bike could very well be saddled with groin pain and occasional bouts of premature ejaculation. If your doctor agrees that your vigorous sports activity might be at the root of this symptom, it’s time to take action to protect yourself further.
  4. HangoverThe Pleasure of Late Nights and Early Morns – Adequate amounts of deep rest and sleep are so important to anyone’s overall health, that it deserves a quick mention here. Yes, it’s fun to stay up late playing video games until dawn, but that pleasure could cost you in the sheets. Lack of energy can lead to lack of stamina. Lack of stamina can lead to – you guessed it – premature ejaculation. On too little sleep, your brain might not fire rapidly enough to signal your penis and testicles to slow down. Your whole body can start to malfunction and your concentration is shot, for sure. Getting a good night sleep is essential to your overall physical and sexual health.
  5. The Pleasure of Recreational Drugs – No doubt you assumed this one would be part of this list and for very good reason. Indulging in lots of recreational or prescription drugs can certainly be a source of premature ejaculation, depending on the drug contents and amount of use. See your doctor or therapist immediately if drug use is an issue in your life. Your sex life might improve by tapering off the drugs and so can your studies, your work life and relationships, too.

Pleasure in moderation is something we all should have. Too much pleasure to the point of physical or emotional harm can possibly lead to challenges during sexual pleasure, too. Take stock of your pleasure sources and think carefully about any that might be a cause of premature ejaculation. Share your findings with your doctor to create a plan to help all your positive pleasures align for a healthier sex life.