Premature Ejaculation: How Much of a Problem Is It?

Premature ejaculation isn’t a condition that gets a lot of attention. Although more and more issues involving sexual performance have begun to garner headlines and interest from the media and public, issues regarding ejaculation don’t often get the attention they deserve. Part of this reason is the natural discomfort it brings up for those dealing with the issue but this Premature Ejaculation Problemreluctance to discuss it has led to many men thinking they are suffering alone. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy estimated that premature and early ejaculation affects 21% – 32.5% of the male population aged 18-59 at any given time.

The Prevalence and Effects of Early Ejaculation

With so many men dealing with this condition, it has become increasingly important to foster a more open discussion. Premature ejaculation obviously affects the stress and health of the relationship. Both men and women struggle to find ways to cope with the condition, manage the symptoms and search for a long term treatment. Stress related to this issue can lead to serious marital or relationship discord and, in some cases, can even lead to the deterioration of the entire relationship.

The effects of premature and early ejaculation don’t stop there, however. The condition is often linked to both stress and anxiety. While these may be at the root of the problem, they are also exacerbated by the problem and can set off a vicious cycle. This cycle of additional stress and compounded anxiety can lead to serious physical illnesses and conditions including premature aging, obesity, low energy, depression and even diabetes or heart disease.

Considering the wide reaching effects this condition can have, it has come as some great relief that the issue is now receiving more attention in the media and with the medical community.  This renewed interest in the condition has given many men the courage they need to approach their doctor or speak to their partner about possible treatment options. It has also encouraged research and development into supplements and other treatments.

Acknowledging the Problem and Finding Solutions

Although premature ejaculation hasn’t traditionally been a hot topic, things are beginning to change. Public attitudes about the condition as well as increased research on the topic of sexual performance have laid the groundwork for a new approach to this and other performance issues. A new generation of over the counter supplements, topical ointments, patches and pharmaceutical options have brought premature ejaculation out of the shadows and onto the national stage.

Sexual issues regarding early ejaculation have always been considered one of the most common conditions, moreso than even impotence. Nevertheless, the reluctance of men to approach their doctor about the problem has kept official figures low. Researchers now understand that the condition itself affects over a quarter of the male population at any one time and they estimate nearly all men experience the problem at least once during their adult lives. While men have traditionally been left to their own devices in terms of finding treatment options, new research and interest in sexual performance has made it easier for men to reach out and get the help they need. The development of supplements and other over the counter options has also made it increasingly easy for men to take control of their own sexual health and address the problem naturally.

The problems premature ejaculation can trigger vary from issues within the relationship to more serious physical problems thanks to the increased levels of stress. Tackling the issue at its core often means dealing with complex emotional issues or finding ways to improve your health through stress reduction, nutritional support and increased exercise. Supplements and medications can help to bridge the gap and offer relief for men and their partners. The combination of focused therapy and nutritional or supplement support has paved the way for men to finally tackle sexual performance issues without fear of embarrassment.