Male Enhancements Supplements are Effective with Improving Intimacy

Male enhancement supplementsIntimacy is one of the most important factors when it comes to a having a healthy relationship. Some people may advise otherwise, but studies have shown that once intimacy has started to diminish so does the relationship. The reasons for this could have to do with your performance in the bedroom, and your partner being left unsatisfied time after time. This could be because of different reasons such as premature ejaculation, lack of libido, and the most common downer for men, which is the inability to receive an erection. Male enhancement supplements have been created to help solve these issues, and actually bring intimacy back in the bedroom for you and your partner.

Early ejaculation is something that seems to be an issue with most men, and that is why there are prescription medications being advertised all over the television. This could be caused by different reasons such as dieting and exercise, but the primary concern has to do with controlling your hormones, which in turn allows you to balance out your anxiety and stress of performing in the bedroom. Intimacy is hard to create when you cannot even begin in the first place, and this is a very frustrating and embarrassing event that you need to take control of.

Male enhancement supplements are designed to help improve your intimacy by allowing you the pleasure of being able to perform, and perform for a much longer time frame than you previously were. Premature ejaculation could happen to you before penetration even occurs, and if this is your situation then the culprit is definitely your anxiety levels. You want to improve your intimacy and please your partner so badly that you get overly excited in a bad way, which then causes you to ejaculate before anything was able to start. This is more common with inexperienced younger males that know they want to please their partner to keep them around longer, but it is still possible for men with experience as well.

Then there is the early ejaculation that happens a little bit after penetration has been made, which is generally 2-8 minutes. This is caused by an over excitement that sends a signal to your brain releasing way too much dopamine, causing a stimulation that leads to ejaculation. Once ejaculation has started there is no hope of returning back to normal, and the only thing you can really do is wait to try again. However, this just brings down the intimacy in your relationship, and places an uneasy tension between you and your partner. This kind of premature ejaculation happens to all men, and could take place even though your sexual life has never been affected before.

There are male enhancement supplements out there for you without the need of a prescription such as PrematureX, Performer 5, DuraMale, and Rizer XL. Performer 5 and DuraMale have decent reviews, but they are not the top two intimacy improvers when it comes to consumer ratings. Rizer XL has positioned itself as the best male enhancer because it helps with getting harder erections and increased libido, but when it comes to premature ejaculation it does not compare to PrematureX.

PrematureX has the sole purpose of increasing the prevention of early climax, and is voted as being 99% effective by consumers such as you. So if you want to increase you intimacy by preventing only premature ejaculation then PrematureX is your supplement to try. However, if you want multiple benefits to make your intimacy better in the bedroom then Rizer XL might be a better choice, and this supplement is actually cheaper than any of the other brands as well.

Whatever brand you choose, take comfort in knowing that they are made of natural extracts that contain no harsh chemicals, which basically means little to no side effects, and they will definitely not be as bad as a prescription medication. The decision is yours to make, and the best thing to do is actually spend plenty of time researching the products and comparing what you think are the pros and cons for helping you with increasing the intimacy of your relationship. Your partner is going to be satisfied, which makes you feel a lot better knowing you are a whole male once again!