Lasting Longer – The Five Secrets You Need to Improve Stamina

Sexual performance is a hot topic these days. Men everywhere want to know what they can do to improve their own performance and take their skills to the next level. Whether Top Secretyou’re dealing with a condition like early ejaculation or simply want to improve your staying power, these five power packed tips will have you burning through the sheets all night long.

1. Go Solo

One of the most effective ways to treat early ejaculation and improve stamina is to masturbate regularly. Masturbation as a form of sex therapy means more than just having a bit of fun by yourself, it means masturbating while being mindful of how your body is reacting as you build up closer and closer to your orgasm. Over time, you’ll be able to pick up on subtle, and not so subtle, hints that you’re about to go over the edge. Being able to identify those sensations as soon as they start means you can shift positions in order to keep yourself in check. Masturbating shortly before you plan on having sex can also help boost your stamina naturally, just be sure you give yourself enough time to recover so that you can perform.

2. Kick Your Bad Habits

Tobacco, alcohol and a variety of drugs can lead to a host of problems in bed. Quite often, early ejaculation and impotence can be traced right back to one of these habits. Whatever your vice, the promise of being able to perform better and last longer should give you the motivation you need to finally kick the habit for good. Support groups exist now both online and in the real world to help if you need support, guidance and advice throughout the process.

3. Check Your Prescriptions

Prescription medication can also have the unintended side effect of causing early or premature ejaculation as well as sudden onset impotence and a lowered libido. If you feel your problem may have a root in your routine medications, schedule an appointment to consult with your primary care physician. He or she can help to identify where the problem may be originating and which alternate treatments or medications you can use instead. In some cases, lifestyle changes to your diet or level of exercise can help to weed out medications for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure.

4. Use Toys

When people think about sex toys, they often think they’re nothing more than something for women to have fun with on their own. Some men even find the idea of using sex toys kind of offensive, as if it implies they can’t get the job done. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. A simple cock ring, for example, can help to create bigger, harder erections while improving stamina. These rings are often used as a way to treat early ejaculation and help men who have difficult achieving or maintaining a healthy erection. There are a variety of rings to choose from, including those which feature a textured top which grinds against your partner’s clitoris. This kind of cock ring provides the perfect example of a toy you can truly share.

5. Change the Way You Have Sex

Improving stamina means changing the way you do a lot of things, from changing your diet to include healthier options to upping those sessions at the gym to boost energy levels. This open minded approach to change extends directly into the bedroom. Make sex an experience by enjoying the foreplay and stretching out the time you spend exploring and teasing each other’s bodies. During sex, change positions often, giving your partner an ‘Around the World’ experience by utilizing a variety of positions and techniques. Changing positions often and focusing on positions which don’t stimulate the more sensitive underside of the penis can help prevent early ejaculation and improve stamina.