Dealing With the Embarrassment of Premature Ejaculation

Most men would agree that there are few things more embarrassing than having trouble with premature ejaculation. How long we last tends be the basis for exactly how we’re judged by our partner in terms of the satisfaction that we can provide them. Not being able to last under the sheets is something that can absolutely haunt men to the point where they don’t even want to put themselves in a situation for a sexual experience.

EmbarrassmentA lot of men with these issues wonder what the ‘average’ sex time is so they can develop some kind of bench mark to reach in order to get on a level playing field with their peers. While this number is different for everybody, there is some research out there that helps us get a better idea.

Average Sex Time

According to Glamour magazine, who surveyed 1000 women, the most accurate estimate for average sex time is 10-14 minutes as 28% of women said that this was their average. Fortunately for men with early ejaculation issues, the second most popular answer was 5-9 minutes (25%). Another 8% of women mentioned less than five minutes, meaning a total of 61% of women said that their average sex time was 14 minutes or less.

The problem for many men that have chronic premature ejaculation problems, however, is that they aren’t even getting to sex before their issue becomes a little too clear to their partner. Many times this issue is coming to fruition in foreplay and leads to either ejaculation during foreplay or ejaculation very early in sex. This creates quite the dilemma for men as there is very little opportunity to actually satisfy and please their partner, leading to an unsatisfied woman and an embarrassed and un-confident man. Fortunately, there are some very attractive options for combating this issue.


Premature X is one of many companies that has worked hard to develop the best possible technology for providing treatment for premature ejaculation. The pills they’ve developed have helped thousands of men combat their issues with premature ejaculation and regain the confidence that they once had in their sexual life. The things that this pill has the ability to do are absolutely astounding.

One of the unique qualities of these pills when compared to other similar options is the fact that it can be used as both an immediate and long term fix. Users don’t have to wait months for results to take place and can experience increased control over their sex life after taking the first pill.

Premature X works by decreasing anxiety and increasing stamina. Anxiety and nervousness are the two major reasons that premature ejaculation happen and Premature X is designed to counteract these feelings with natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to improve these issues. Ingredients like Blue Passion Flower, Griffonia Seed Extract, and Vitamin B6 all work together to improve stamina and decrease anxiety.

Another major benefit of these pills is that they’re completely safe and free of any serious side effects. One of the problems with many types of sexual performance medicine is the fact that it can often cause negative side effects that actually make things worse. Fortunately, with Premature X, users won’t have to worry about any of those issues.

Yet another major benefit of these pills is the price. Compared to the invaluable results that can come from it, the price on these Premature X pills is quite shocking. A three month supply is only $99.99 and users that are satisfied with what they receive can receive huge discounts on larger orders in the future.

It’s no secret that premature ejaculation is something that every man experiences at some point in their life. For those of us that have a long term issue with it, however, using solutions like Premature X can literally change your life. Stop being embarrassed with your sexual experiences and turn them into exhilaratingly intimate moments that you can enjoy.