Do You Have to Have Clinical Early Ejaculation to Benefit from Treatment?

Human sexuality is a complex issue, one in which determining what’s “normal” can be incredibly difficult. No other topic illustrates this more poignantly than early ejaculation. Clinically speaking, the diagnosis for this condition has usually been measured with time. A man who can’t last more than one minute is diagnosed as having premature ejaculation, sometimes called simply PE, while other doctors apply the diagnosis for any man who orgasms before he wants to. While diagnosing the condition may be difficult, treatments options can be found just about everywhere. In fact, many men are left wondering whether they can benefit from treatments options or supplements aimed at men with early ejaculation even if they don’t strictly meet the criteria.

Determining if You Need Help

DoctorPortrayals of sex in movies, on television and in books leads many people to believe that men should be able to perform all night long, take a quick nap, have a bit to eat ad then be ready to go again in no time. In reality, most men only last a few minutes. A study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine found the average time for sexual intercourse to be around 5 minutes. Knowing this simple fact is key to understanding why foreplay is such an important part of sex.

Nevertheless, there are men who want to increase their performance time, even if they already meet or exceed the 5 minute average. While medical options are available for men dealing with early ejaculation, those who are able to last longer typically don’t make good candidates for pharmaceutical intervention. Although drugs may not be an option, the natural treatments for this condition can help any man improve his stamina.

Using Natural Treatments for General Male Enhancement

Wanting to improve stamina and performance is a common wish for men. Luckily, the natural treatment options which have helped men to overcome problems can also help men who simply want to improve their overall sexual performance. The natural treatments available go a long way in supporting sexual health as well as a person’s overall fitness. Diet and exercise, for example, are often the first things doctors discuss with patients as these play a major role in sexual performance. A healthy diet and high level of physical activity supports a healthy sex drive, high energy levels and improves stamina.

Once diet and exercise have been addressed, focus shifts to other areas which can cause problems between the sheets. Stress and anxiety, for example, are often the root cause for impotence and other sexual performance problems. Some men find it difficult to discover ways to manage their stress naturally. Playing team sports can be surprisingly effective as it brings together the benefits of physical activity and interpersonal relationships. Meditation is another effective and traditional way to manage stress. While some people think meditation is connected to some sort of religious belief or elements of spirituality, there’s some amazing science behind it. Several researchers have documented the physical and emotional health benefits that a simple, silent and daily 10 minute session of meditation can bring.

The natural treatment options for early ejaculation have helped millions of men to finally treat and move past the condition once and for all. These methods also give hope to men who want to improve their stamina and performance, even if the condition doesn’t affect them. The beauty of this natural approach is that in addition to improving a man’s sex life, it also provides a foundation upon which his entire physical well-being can improve. This makes a natural approach the ideal option for men who know they have a problem as well as those want to make sure they never do.