Can Books and Downloads Help with Early Ejaculation?

Self-improvement products rely on a number of different methods in order to help people achieve the results they want and reach their goals. Even products that come in the form of pills, patches and supplements can only do so much. While they give users the nutritional and vitamin supplements they need, what people do with that energy and focus will determine how successful they are in losing weight, toning up, improving concentration or achieving any other goal they may have.
Books and downloads
When it comes to products that aim to treat chronic conditions such as early ejaculation, however, the field of self-improvement products has grown exponentially. Sexual performance issues are often linked to problems with a person’s health or their lifestyle. These issues are rarely serious and are usually centred around poor diet, which inhibits proper circulation, or a lack of physical activity, which also reduces effective circulation and also saps a person’s energy. In these cases, supplements are often seen as one of the few “true cures” for the condition since the vitamins and minerals they use have been proven to help boost both energy and circulation.

There are also dozens of different books, DVDs and instructional guides that claim they can also be a part of a healthy and successful treatment plan for early ejaculation, but how accurate are those claims? If the issue is linked to poor physical health, how much can books or videos really accomplish?

Information is Power

The information and advice offered through these books, manuals and videos usually covers the basics of male sexual health, including the causes and alternative treatments for conditions such as premature or delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction as well as normal changes such as a lowering of libido as men age. This establishes a basic foundation so men understand what’s considered normal and what is worth being concerned about.

Once they establish a basic level of understanding they move on to whatever their particular method or approach is for treatment. Common treatment information for early ejaculation includes techniques such as jelqing, which is often also used as a way to naturally increase penis size, stop and start techniques, sexual therapy options which can be done alone or with a partner and information on special diets and exercise routines which increase blood flow to the penis and improve general health.

These books and other manuals or DVDs are similar to the types of products sold for weight training, dieting and self-confidence. Essentially they lay out the information and tools people need to informer to create a change within themselves but, at the end of the day, it’s all up to the user to make the most of that information or to let it sit collecting dust.

There is Rarely One Treatment

While these books and DVDs can offer valuable information and insight into the treatment of sexual performance issues, they are a far cry from the ‘instant cure’ some of the sales hype claims them to be. At the end of the day, a chronic and complex issue such as early ejaculation can rarely be treated effectively by using a single treatment method.

Many experts suggest that men use these types of instructional products in concert with supplement, vitamins and even professional medical intervention in order to develop a comprehensive plan for treatment that addresses the immediate issue of performance while, at the same time, digging deeper to find, identify and ultimately treat the root cause.

So are the books and DVDs advertised on sexual wellness websites worth the money? In the end, it depends on the man who’s buying them. The truth is that the techniques offered through these products are tailored for men who are willing to put in some serious work and who have the discipline and dedication to stick with the regimes they lay out. But for the men who can do that, high-quality information products can offer insight, advice and help in treating these conditions.