A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

Though it is dangerous to make sweeping generalizations about women, for the most part it remains true that what they really want in a man is a little effort. Often, men tend to settle in comfortably once they are in a relationship, and very frequently the effort they put forth to capture the woman/s heart in the first place starts slowly slipping away. This can lead to the development of distance in the relationship, and can make sexual intercourse not only infrequent but also awkward and unsatisfying. When these sexual experiences are marred by premature ejaculation or other performance issues, then the problem only worsens.

A Little Effort Goes a Long WayOne of the keys to exciting sexual encounters is to maintain in later stages the effort you put forth in the early stages of the relationship. A good sexual experience does not stem simply from stamina or size, but also stems from the intangibles of the relationship, such as romance and thoughtfulness. Men must keep up the effort in these areas even as a relationship ages and matures in order to keep a woman’s sexual desire for him high. When men are making the effort to pursue their partners outside of the bedroom, it can help overshadow performance issues such as premature ejaculation in the bedroom. Conversely, when men make no effort to foster a romantic environment for their partners and then suffer from premature ejaculation, it can make the woman doubt that she is attractive to the man at all anymore, and can lead to much deeper problems in the relationship.

There are many different ways to foster a romantic environment in the relationship. One important step men can take is to never stop being surprising. Surprises are a huge element of keeping the romantic spark alive. If you think back to the very beginning of the relationship, there were undoubtedly surprises involved: unexpected flowers or gifts, showing up somewhere where you weren’t expected, or planning out a day of activities completely unbidden. If the romance has died a bit, re-incorporate these things into your relationship and you will begin to see an immediate difference in the passion levels. Surprises are a great way to show your partner that you were thinking of her, and this is one of the major characteristics that women want to see in a man.

Men also have been known to let their physical health start waning a bit when in a serious relationship. When they are still single, many men focus on their health by eating right and exercising regularly, because they know this is attractive to women. Once the woman has already been “caught,” however, it is easy to start letting this lapse. Obviously women do not want men to be vain about their health, but they do not want them to stop caring entirely either. Continuing to take care of yourself physically is also very important in a relationship. It shows the woman that you care about how you appear to her, and in a roundabout way this too indicates that you are actually thinking of her. Poor diet and exercise can also lead to sexual performance issues like premature ejaculation, so maintaining physical health is also key for sexual performance.

Finally, women want to connect with men on more than just the physical level. Honesty and open communication are key to keeping a relationship alive, and become especially important if there are ever instances of premature ejaculation. Communication is not always important to men, but again, if you think back to the beginning of the relationship, you will remember that there was a lot of communication involved. Early stage relationships are often characterized by abundant communication, and even more so in the era of social media and text messages. Keep this habit alive throughout the relationship, and don’t shy away from it when there are difficulties. It is crucial that when there are relationship troubles, including sexual ones, the man is willing to talk about it. If you say nothing at all, then women will often start to blame themselves, but if you talk about the issue, women may be able to see that perhaps stress or some other factor is really the cause, and may be immensely more understanding and sympathetic.

Keeping the spark alive in the bedroom means doing the same outside of it. Men who remember this and never stop pursuing their partner will be far more likely to maintain healthy, committed relationships.